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 Jordi Porta Manza?ido



1970.- Graduated in Electronic Engineering (Technical Engineering School of Terrassa, University of Barcelona).
1971.- Master in Servomechanism Engineering  (UCAL, Sta. Barbara, USA ).
1973.- Graduated in Physical Education & Sports ( INEF, Madrid ).
1979.- (since): Teaching at the National Physical Education & Sports Institute of  Catalunya, Barcelona (INEFC, Barcelona)
1989-91.- Scholarship  from CIRIT ( Fullbright )  to  follow  Doctorate  studies  in  USDS, San Diego, USA and  Simon Frazer University, Vancouver, Canada.
1999.- Ph. D. in Sports Sciences: INEFC, Barcelona and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona (INEFC) - Thesis (“Cum Laude”):  “Quantification and distribution of adipose tissue in elite athletes measured with Nuclear Magnetic Imaging”.
2006.-  (since): Professor of the Department of Health & Applied Sciences (DHAS) at the INEFC, Barcelona

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Since 1979: Teaching at the National Sports Institute of Catalunya, (INEFC, Barcelona). Main subjects:
1.- Kinesiology and Technology of Fitness and Sports.
2.- Kinanthropometry.
1984-1992: Lecturer in some of the Coaches Courses of the Spanish and Catalan Gymnastic  & Track and Field Federations.
Since 1992: Lecturer at the Sports Medicine School of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona (UB).
Since 1994: Associated teacher in the Master Courses of Sports Coaching of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE).
Since 1996: Associated teacher in the Master Courses of Sports Physiotherapy (UB).
2000-2005:  Scientific consultant for the Spanish Cycling Federation.
Since 2002 (re-accredited, 2007): Level 3 Anthropometrist (Instructor) of the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK).
2007-2011: Chairman of the Health & Applied Sciences Department of  INEFC, Barcelona.
2007-2011: Vice-president of Grupo Espa?ol de Cineantropometría (GREC).
Since 2009: Criterion Anthropometrist (level 4) of the ISAK.


         1.1. Validation of Bioimpedance (BIA) methods.Body composition and somatotype analysis.
         1.2. Body composition and Somatotype analysis.
         1.3. Study of human proportionality.

     Prescription of physical activity and exercise for health:
         2.1. Energy balance with different types of exercises and ergometers.
         2.2. Bone density improvement through exercise in pre-post menopause.
         2.3. Calcium intake for the improvement of mineralisation and strength.
         2.4. A new method (SAFfE) for the prevention and therapy of back pain.  


Jordi Porta Manza?ido


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